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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HTC Jetstream and LG Thrill now available on AT&T

On Sunday, AT&T officially launched their first 10" Honeycomb tablet and their first glasses-free 3D smartphone. The tablet, the HTC Jetstream, is also the first 10" tablet from HTC and features a dual-core processor and HTC's Scribe pen-input system. It is available now for $699 with a 2-year contract.

The phone, the LG Thrill, is AT&T's first glasses-free 3D smartphone, and only the second one to be available in the US. It features a 4.3" screen, dual core processor, 8GB of storage, 3D screen, and dual cameras for capturing 3D pictures and video. It is available now for $99 on a 2-year contract.

HOLY expensive. Seven hundred dollars WITH a contract? Are they seriously serious? Even the iPad with similar specs is $729 WITHOUT a contract. This sure seems to me like they're trying to keep people from buying the Jetstream and encourage them to buy the iPad instead. Which they probably are. The Thrill, on the other hand, looks really nice. I know lots of people who think the glasses-free 3D is a gimmick, and something they would never want, but I personally think it rocks and would absolutely want it.

I think the Jetstream sounds like a nice tablet, but not that nice. Nowhere near that nice. Not even close, actually. Plus, I'm curious to see how the Scribe thing works. It sounds like an awesome feature, but pen-input on electronics has been traditionally...crappy. It would be awesome if it worked, though. But still, not $700 (+ another several hundred dollars in contract costs) awesome.

The Thrill sounds like a seriously decent phone, and at a much much better price. I've never tried the 3D screen but I would love to check it out. I have no idea if I would want that on my phone, but it does sound cool.