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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung updates phone naming scheme

Samsung announced some phones today, and also an update to the way they name their devices. The new naming strategy is designed to help convey details about the device simply by the letters that follow it. For example: the devices announced today are the Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro.

Confused? Here's how it works: , R is for Royal (high-end) M is for Magical (cheaper high-end), W is for Wonder (mid-range), and Y is for Young (entry-level). Additionally, the Pro designation means the device has a physical keyboard.

So look back at the devices announced today. The M Pro, to pick one, will be a cheaper high-end device with a keyboard. It does make sense once you wrap your mind around it. As for their well-known Galaxy S line, that is sticking around, too and will denote their highest-end, premier devices.

Remember that this is just Samsung's official naming scheme, and carriers (especially those in the US) are almost assured to change them. So while the M Pro, Y, or Y Pro may arrive in the US, they won't go by those names here. [via Engadget]

Complete ridiculousness. Royal? Magical? Wonder? Those definitely make me think of Disney cruise ships rather than Samsung phones. I appreciate their desire to simplify their naming scheme, but...this?

Bwahahaha! This is so stupid, it's awesome. What's the S mean, then? Superior? Saint-like? Superphone?

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