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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Logitech Revue Google TV box now only $99

The Logitech Revue was one of the first Google TV devices announced and is still generally considered to be the flagship device for the platform. When it launched, it cost $300, which nearly everyone agreed was simply to much for what the product did. You could get a cheap PC for that price which could do all that and more, and for simple streaming duties, the Roku boxes start at just $59.

Late last week, however, Logitech announced that they'd be cutting the price from $299 to just $99, which makes it considerably more affordable and brings it right in line with the current Roku and Apple TV.

Plus, with the whole Google TV platform getting an update to Honeycomb later this summer that will allow installation of apps from the Android Market.

Personal note: We bought one. We were this close to buying a Roku, but for only $99, the future potential of Google TV is just too good to pass up. Expect a review of the product in the weeks ahead. :-)

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