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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LG announces the Optimus 3D

LG has already showed off the Optimus Pad (called the G-Slate in the US), which features 3D video recording, but at MWC this week, they showed off a phone with similar capabilities. The Optimus 3D features a 4.3" glasses-free 3D screen and dual cameras on the back for 3D video capture.

It's powered by a dual core CPU, and runs Android 2.2, Froyo. LG promises an update to Gingerbread will be provided soon, maybe even before the device actually launches. It is promised to be available in Europe later this year, with no mention of a US launch.

The device also features access to the new YouTube 3D channel for instant uploading of 3D content. It can even plug into your 3D HDTV at home to display your 3D content on the big screen. [via Gizmodo]

This thing is so awesome. I love 3D and have dabbled with filming 3D in the past, but it has required using two cameras and doing some complicated editing after the fact. Something like this would make it just as easy to do 3D as standard video, and the glasses-free display means that it'll be super easy to show 3D video to friends. Plus, imagine gaming on a 3D screen. Everything about this just screams awesome and I really hope it launches in the US. I've always said that I need a physical keyboard on my phones, but a feature like this might persuade me otherwise.

This is really such a cool idea. I love that 3D is catching on--so many people were skeptical of it when it started showing up in movies and TVs. But the technology just keeps getting better and better. And once people can start making their own 3D videos so easily, I think they'll be hooked. I haven't seen one of the glasses free displays in person, but I'm sure it makes for a really great experience. I'm looking forward to new phones that utilize these features (hopefully something a little smaller!) and even more improvements.

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