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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HTC Inspire 4G available Feb 13 on AT&T

The impressive HTC Inspire 4G was announced at CES earlier this year for AT&T, and now we have an official launch date. If you recall, the Inspire 4G is nearly identical to the Evo 4G on Sprint. The Inspire has the same 4.3" screen, but features a newer generation processor and an improved graphics chip for better game and graphics performance. It lacks a front-facing camera, however, which is one of the prime features of several other modern smartphones.

The Inspire is the first device to go on sale running on AT&T's 4G network, and it will cost only $99 on contract. It goes on sale February 13, less than 2 weeks away.

Up until now, AT&T has had a less than impressive Android lineup, but this device changes that in a big way. Having a device that's more powerful than the Evo, costs less up front, and runs on a cheaper data plan is a big deal, and it's just the beginning of what AT&T promises will be one of the most impressive smartphone arsenals in the country. [via DroidDog]

This is quite the turnaround for AT&T, and it's great to see them finally embrace Android. Up until now, AT&T customers who didn't want to switch had the iPhone as their best option, without any noteworthy Android choices. That's no longer the case and this phone is an excellent device for them at a really great price.

Besides the freakishly large screen on this thing, this is going to be an awesome phone. That price is amazing, and it's great that it'll be running on 4G. Plus, HTC makes great phones, so I think this will be very popular.

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