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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Android weekend rumor recap

Welcome to the first rumor recap post of 2011! This is a weekly post we do to quickly sum up the best Android related rumors and leaks of the past week, along with out thoughts and commentary on each. If you're a huge Android fan and would prefer to follow these stories as they come in, we recommend any of the excellent Android blogs listed on the right side of this site. Continue reading for the rumors!

Some new details emerged this week about the previously-rumored HTC Evo 4G Shift for Sprint. This device is extremely similar to the G2, but has a traditional sliding mechanism, tweaked keyboard and front face, and the addition of Sprint's 4G support. It is rumored to launch January 9.
Ryan says: It's great to see Sprint get a keyboard slider from HTC, and this definitely looks nice. The G2 is a solid device, so I'm not surprised HTC has made variants of it for other carriers. The name, though, I think is just bad. The Evo 4G wasn't bad, and I understand that they're trying to say it's similar to the Evo, but with a keyboard, but Evo 4G Shift is just an awkward jumble.
Shelsy says: I don't really have anything to add to what Ryan just said, although I don't think the name is that bad. I mean, there aren't very many good names out there, so this one is just kind of "meh."

Continuing the HTC news, word broke this week that HTC has applied for a trademark on the name HTC Scribe. The trademark application explicitly says that the name is for a tablet, so this all but proves HTC is indeed building a tablet. There have also been rumors that this, along with the Motorola tablet, may feature touch and pen input.
Ryan says: This would be so great. HTC makes such quality products, and (usually) does a good job keeping them updated. If I were going to buy a tablet, I would absolutely want it to be made by HTC.
Shelsy says: I think I'm in love with HTC. When I hear they're making something, I automatically know it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to see this supposed tablet.

Speaking of tablets, there was a rumor this week that the upcoming Motorola tablet will feature an optional, removable LTE modem. The device is all but confirmed for Verizon, but there has been conflicting reports about whether it will feature 4G or not. This new rumor suggests that the tablet will have a memory card type slot where an optional 4G modem can be inserted.
Ryan says: This is very interesting. I haven't seen a device with a removable modem since way back in Pocket PC days. But if it allows them to price the device more competitively, and sell one without a modem and without a contract, then I'm all for it.
Shelsy says: I think this makes so much sense. Tablets are in such a weird gray area between phones and computer as it is, that it makes sense to give individual customers the option of how they're going to use it the most. And, with the card slot feature, people will be able to change their mind and purchase a modem down the road.

A new rumor from InfoMobile says that Motorola is prepping to release a new phone, the Olympus on AT&T early next year. The device will likely be announced at CES and is rumored to feature a dual-core Tegra CPU, large secren, and full 1080p recording and playback.
Ryan says: This sounds like a really nice device, and it marks the first time Motorola has given such a high end device to anyone but Verizon. If this is true, it will be a great addition to AT&T's rather sparse Android lineup.
Shelsy says: This really isn't a phone I'm interested in. I guess we'll see if it ends up being something to get excited about.

And finally, we have a rumor that Motorola and T-Mobile are about to announce the Cliq 2. Pictures of the device were found on T-Mobile servers, which all but confirms it. The original Cliq is still the topic of much anger since Motorola took so long to update it to 2.1. The Cliq 2 is rumored to be very similar, but with slightly faster and better specs.
Ryan says: The Cliq and Cliq XT on T-Mobile are the reason I'll never buy a Motorola device. The XT is still stuck on 1.6, which the Cliq finally received a 2.1 update, but will likely never see Froyo and certainly not Gingerbread. It's pretty clear that Motorola releases high end and low end devices, the Cliq series being in the latter. The low end devices are almost immediately forgotten, while the high end (the Droid series) get all the love. It's pretty unacceptable, and I want nothing to do with it.
Shelsy says: Wow, Motorola is all over the place right now. But, like Ryan said, things like this are the reason I'm so skeptical of all Motorola products.

Ah, the first rumor recap of the new year. Lots of good stuff in there too, eh? Remember, CES is just a few days away, so the excitement is ramping up. Most of these rumors will become reality before the next recap post. So stay tuned, there's lots of excitement coming this week!

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