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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angry Birds Seasons now available

Be sure to check out the wallpaper-sized version of this picture at Rovio.com

The special Christmas edition of Angry Birds is now available in the Android Market. This version has been teased several times over the last few weeks, and is finally here. If you recall, a special Halloween edition was released in October, but it was an iPhone exclusive (much to our dismay).

Thankfully, though, the Christmas version is out now for both iPhone and Android! Not only that, but the Android version also includes all of the Halloween levels from the iPhone version. The special edition, called Angry Birds Seasons, is available as a separate app in the Market, and it's free. 

The Christmas portion of the game takes an interesting approach, too. Rather than simply being a list of levels, the game is set up as an advent calendar, where a new level becomes available each day up until Christmas when level 25 is unlocked. So, since today is December 2nd, that means that levels 1 and 2 are playable, with 3 being unlocked tomorrow, and so forth. The game appears to connect to the Internet to check the date, too, so no amount of date changing on your phone will get you the levels any faster.

To download this special edition, search the Market for Angry Birds Seasons, tap here from your phone, or scan this QR Code.

More levels of Angry Birds always = awesome. And I actually really like the advent calendar idea. It keeps the game going all month long without allowing you to simply beat all the levels in one sitting. So far the first two levels have been more challenging than I anticipated, and if they get harder as the month progresses......

I haven't been playing Angry Birds lately, but it's definitely an awesome game, and I love that they keep coming out with new levels to keep it interesting. I also like the advent calendar idea because it keeps it interesting all month long. Lots of fun!

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