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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Android weekend rumor recap

Another weekend is here, and another Weekend Rumor Recap post comes right along with it. This is our weekly post where we briefly recount the various rumors and leaks of the past week, complete with our commentary on each one. If you prefer reading your Android rumors as they come in, we recommend any of the great Android blogs listed on the side of this site. Keep reading for the rumors!

First up, Engadget got an exclusive preview this week of the upcoming LG Star. The Star will be one of the first phones to feature a dual core processor, making it quite possibly the fastest phone on the market. The Star also has a 4" screen, 8MP camera with HD video recording, and is rumored to launch early next year...maybe even running Android 2.3, Gingerbread.
Ryan says: It's another slate device, albeit a crazy fast one. I'm just not interested in phones that simply mimic the physical design of other existing devices. That being said, it does look very nice and that dual core chip sounds deliciously fast.
Shelsy says: I think this sounds like a cool phone. I agree with Ryan that it's nothing special to look at, and 4 inches is too big for me, personally, but it would be nice to see more phones with the dual core processor in the future.

A new picture of the upcoming HTC Speedy (possibly called the Evo Shift 4G) for Sprint emerged this week.  This device is essentially a Sprint version of the G2, with some obvious tweaking. It is rumored to run on Sprint's 4G network, but it appears to lack a front-facing camera, making it the only 4G phone on Sprint to not have one.
Ryan says: It looks nice, very similar to the G2. I don't like how they moved the directional pad to the keyboard, or that it appears to be a button-D-pad rather than a touch sensitive one. But it looks good, and will be a great option for those who want a keyboard, but don't want a phone as big as the Epic.
Shelsy says: Eww, I don't like the way this phone looks at all. The G2 hardware is so pretty and this is just...not.

Finally, in an announcement that is only somewhat surprising, T-Mobile announced that they intend to offer 4G Tablets in 2011, though they didn't specify what kind of tablets that would be. Given the flood of Android tablets coming down the pipeline, it's likely safe to assume that Android will be offered in there somewhere. T-Mobile currently offers the Galaxy Tab, a 7" tablet that lacks 4G data speeds.
Ryan says: Bring on more tablets! I like the Tab, but it's small and doesn't have 4G. I can't wait to see what new tablets will be announced next year, not just by T-Mobile, but by everyone.
Shelsy says: Yes, keep them coming! Maybe eventually I'll find one I actually want.

So there you have it. Only three good rumors this week. Be sure to check back here next weekend for a recap of the rumors this week is sure to bring!

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