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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Android weekend rumor recap

Welcome to yet another edition of the Android Weekend Rumor Recap! This is where we quickly go over all of the best Android related rumors from the past week, complete with out commentary. If you like reading Android rumors as they hit the wire, we recommend any of the quality Android blogs listed on the side of this site. Now, on to this week's rumors!

According to an HTC job posting (which has since been removed), the company may be considering e-ink and even 3D displays for future devices. The job posting sought someone with familiarity with those types of displays, so it's not much to go on, but given the progression of the market, it's not surprising that HTC would be investigating different display tech.
Ryan says: There are so many cool options for displays that have yet to be tapped. Ideas like e-ink beneath a color screen, or glasses-less 3D. I think it's great that companies are pursuing innovation in screen technology and I can't wait to see all of it in action.
Shelsy says: I definitely agree. There are a lot of new technologies just breaking through onto the market, and I see there being a lot of innovation in the next years as companies really strive to come up with better and better applications for these technologies. Very exciting.

In less of a rumor and more of a breakthrough, the Barnes & Noble NookColor has been fully rooted and has been shown running both Angry Birds and LauncherPro. The root process even keeps the Nook interface in tact, meaning it doesn't remove the ability to use the device as intended.
Ryan says: This makes the NookColor a very cool, very cheap Android tablet. It may not be quite as nice as a Galaxy Tab, but at less than half the price, it's certainly an attractive idea.
Shelsy says: Woo hoo! I'm pretty sure if I ever do get an e-reader/tablet/combo it's going to have to run Android just for the possibility of rooting. I've discovered that I'm not usually happy to settle with whatever the manufacturer or retailer sells the device with. I want to be able to change it. :-)

According to an AT&T post on Facebook, of all places, the long-rumored Motorola Olympus may be arriving before the end of the year. The Olympus is rumored to be a crazy-fast, dual core device, and would be a great addition to AT&T's somewhat lacking Android lineup. The Facebook post has, of course, been removed, so we'll have to wait and see what actually happens.
Ryan says: Bring on the super fast powerful phones!
Shelsy says: Yeah, I'm sure this phone is coming eventually, although I don't really care when. But I always think it's smart for companies to strive to get their products out around the holidays when everyone is already in a shopping frenzy.

Remember the rumored PlayStation phone? Engadget got their hands on a nice video this week that really shows the device off. There's no audio in the video, but whoever has the phone does a good job showing it from all angles. The device is rumored to be officially announced in January.
Ryan says: I have no interest in this device, personally, since I'm not a huge mobile gamer. But it does look impressive for those who are. But, dang, that thing is fat.
Shelsy says: I think this is a cool idea for a phone. It's a little too much of a niche device, I think, but I'm sure it will be much appreciated by the people in that niche. I think it could stand to be thinner, but maybe it's an advantage to have something a little more substantial to hold on to. I wouldn't know.

Gingerbread may be announced tomorrow! This rumor comes from a tablet manufacturer who said that "December 6 would be a big day for Android." In addition, one of Google's engineers will be giving a presentation tomorrow at a conference, so this rumor just might be true.
Ryan says: Gingerbread has been way too delayed. Show it off already, let us see what it can do!
Shelsy says: Agreed!

And that concludes this week's rumor recap. Be sure to check back next weekend for another batch of rumors!

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