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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google Docs editing comes to Android

In a move sure to make long time Android users very happy, Google announced today that the mobile version of the Docs website will now allow document editing. Spreadsheet editing has been available for some time, but it too is getting an improvement in the new version.

The new website allows full editing of documents, complete with real-time edits from others. So any edits a friend makes on a desktop will show up almost immediately on your phone, and vise versa.

The updated version of Docs will be rolling out to users over the next few days and will work with Android 2.2 only for now. It also works on the iPhone and iPad browsers.

You can read more and watch a video of editing in action over at the Google Mobile Blog.

I've been waiting an extremely long time for this. It's not quite as nice as a native app would be, and it sucks that it doesn't allow new document creation. But this is a major step forward and it's something I'll likely be using quite a lot.

All I can really say is it's about time. I feel like Docs has so much potential. I love the idea of having all of my documents in one place instead of scattered around the web and various computers. But, not only have they fallen way behind on incorporating this service into Android (which would really help me to have access to everything all the time), I really feel like Docs itself has a long way to go before it really can compare to other programs out there, which really makes me sad.

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