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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Acer announces Android tablets

Acer announced this week that they are getting into the tablet game. The company unveiled their plans to offer three different Android tablets, a 4.8" version, a 7" version, and a 10" version, all available in April 2011.

The two larger tablets feature dual core processors, which will make them very fast. All are promised to be running Android 2.2, Froyo...though by the time April rolls around, Froyo may be old news. The two larger tablets both feature front and back cameras, and have high resolution screens. No price information was given.

In addition to the two larger, obviously tablet-size devices, Acer also showed off a 4.8" device that they're calling a phone. But it's a curious device in that it's not any wider than existing devices...only taller. In comparison photos, it doesn't appear to be any wider than the G2, but the screen is 21:9 cinema aspect ratio, meaning it's at least a full inch taller than the G2. The unnamed phone features a 1GHz processor, very high-resolution screen, and both front and rear cameras. No release date or pricing was given.

Be sure to checkout Engadget's extensive coverage and hands on photos here and here.

More tablets! Competition is great, and these tablets sure look good. Acer products have always been hit or miss for me, but these look kind of awesome. That all depends on price, however...hopefully Acer is smart about that. The phone, however, strikes me as just weird. It looks really good and has a killer feature set...but it's just so tall. I fear that would be more awkward than useful. Also, knowing Acer, it wouldn't surprise me at all if one or more of these three devices never even made it to the United States. Time will tell...and April is still a ways away.

Ooh, I get really excited about Android tablets. Maybe someday there will actually be one I want. Maybe it'll be one of these, if the price is right. I'll have to keep my eyes on them, for sure. The phone, on the other hand, just seems kind of odd. I'm not really sure who's looking for that in a phone. But in general I'm supportive of manufacturers experimenting with hardware designs, just to keep things interesting and always moving forward.

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