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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Original MyTouch3G getting Froyo tomorrow

According to a leaked screenshot obtained by Tmonews, the original T-Mobile MyTouch3G will be receiving an update to Android 2.2, Froyo, starting tomorrow!

The original MyTouch3G was the keyboard-less pseudo-successor to the G1. It was released in July of last year, and currently runs Android 1.6, Donut. It was rumored to be receiving the Froyo update back in June of this year, but nothing further was ever mentioned. The specs on the MyTouch3G were nearly identical to the G1, except that it had more memory, meaning future updates would be much easier.

Now, Tmonews has what they say is "concrete proof" that the MyTouch3G will be receiving the Froyo update starting tomorrow and rolling out slowly to all users by October 25. This update only covers the original MyTouch3G, and not the MyTouch3G 1.2, MyTouch3G Fender Edition, or the much more recent MyTouch Slide. Nothing has been said, officially or otherwise, regarding updates to those devices.

If you are a MyTouch user (who hasn't rooted yet), be on the lookout for the update in the next couple weeks.

It's always great to see older devices receive updates like this. The MyTouch3G is still being sold in T-Mobile stores, so it rightly deserves an update. Even though it's been stuck on 1.6 all this time, it's still exciting that it's finally being updated. Better late than never, eh? To all the MyTouch owners out there, enjoy 2.2!

It's definitely a good thing when phones get updates. And I'm glad they're jumping right to Froyo and not going sequentially to Eclair, because that would be ridiculous. So even though it's slow in coming, it's welcome news.

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