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Monday, October 25, 2010

Galaxy Tab now official on Sprint for $399

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to all four major US carriers this year, and the Verizon version has already been confirmed at $599 with no contract. Just today, Sprint came clean with specific details on its version, which will be available November 14 and cost $399 with a contract. Contracts are standard two-year commitments, and require a data plan (since the Tab doesn't include voice calling).

Sprint's data plans will cost $29 per month for 2GB and $59 for 5GB. Both plans include unlimited text and picture messaging, but (of course), no voice calling. The Tab does include a microphone, however, to allow for video chatting over WiFi. [via AndroidCommunity]

This is ridiculous. Sprint is totally shooting themselves in the foot with this one. Four hundred dollars, plus 2 year contract, and data prices that are very high considering the amount of data available. By comparison, the base model iPad only costs $499, though it doesn't include network data at all, only WiFi. There are definitely some people who will buy this, but I think the average consumer is going to see that the iPad only costs $100 more, and they'll avoid the Sprint Tab.

Yeah, I think these things are way overpriced for what they are. There are two ways you can view these. One is a super-portable, under-powered computer. The other way is as an oversized phone (though most don't make calls). I'm sure both viewpoints appeal to different groups of people. But the pricing needs to fall somewhere in the middle too. Because for the same price, you can get a decent laptop, or for $200 less you can get a Droid X or Evo, which are smaller (but really, they're still huge) and they can probably do more stuff. Otherwise, they need to really step it up with what these tablets are capable of to make them worth the price.

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