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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Full version of Angry Birds now available!

After a rather lengthy period in beta, the full version of Angry Birds for Android is now available in the Market. Angry birds is a physics-based puzzle-solving type game, where the object is to destroy all of the evil pigs by shooting various types of birds from a catapult. It's one of the most popular iPhone games, and now it's already overwhelmingly popular on Android.

The Beta very quickly rose into the top 5 free games, and the full version is in high demand. In a surprising move, the game is available for free on Android, whereas the iPhone version costs 99 cents. The free Android version does contain ads, however, and the game publisher, Rovio, says that a paid, ad-free version will be hitting Android soon.

So, if you like games, birds, puzzles, or free stuff, be sure to give Angry Birds a try. To get it, tap here from your phone, search the Market for Angry Birds, or scan this QR code.

This game rocks. It's very addicting, and very frustrating at the same time. The full version has 150 levels, some of which are extremely difficult. Just when you're ready to throw it down in disgust, you finally solve it and the feeling of accomplishment is so great, that you immediately begin the next puzzle, only to find it's just as hard as the last. I'm hooked.

This game is not good for me. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed by how many levels I've completed in only one day. It's seriously a lot of fun and seriously addicting. Like Ryan was saying, it's easy to get hooked because even on the tough levels you think, "Okay, this time, I've got it, for sure," and just keep trying again and again. Then, when you finally beat that level you say, "Alright, time to quit," and then you see the next level and you just have to try it....

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