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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Android weekend rumor recap

The weeekend is finally here, and that means it's time for another weekend rumor recap. This is where we quickly sum up the best Android related rumors and leaks of the past week. If you are more inclined to read these rumors immediately as they hit the wire, we recommend any of the excellent Android blogs linked on the side of this site.

Now, let's check out some rumors!

In two documents leaked this week (here and here), the supposed pricing for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab was all but confirmed. Both the Sprint and T-Mobile versions are rumored to cost $399 on contract after a $50 rebate, and $649 with no contract. Both are rumored to be launching in November.
Ryan says: The pricing doesn't surprise me, but I think it's a tad high. On the one hand, it seems perfectly reasonable that it would cost more than a standard $199 phone, but the iPad only costs $499 with no contract. But $399 isn't ridiculous, and I think it'll still be a hot seller for the holidays.
Shelsy says: I think that's way too much. I will definitely be holding out for something in a more reasonable price range, preferably NOT on contract, because I really don't see the point.

According to a leak obtained by Droid Life, the upcoming HTC Merge/Lexikon is rumored to launch on Verizon on November 11. To recap, this device is a QWERTY-slider with specs nearly identical to the T-Mobile G2. It is also rumored to be an all-Bing device.
Ryan says: The G2 is a seriously excellent piece of hardware, so if this is anything like it, I'm all for it. It's great to see another solid QWERTY device...even if it is full of Bing.
Shelsy says: I disagree. If it's an Android phone full of Bing, it's not an Android phone, no matter how good the hardware is.

Earlier this week, ABC's Nightline did a profile of Google TV devices. Eagle-eyed watchers at Engadget noticed that there were a few quick shots of the as yet unannounced Sony remote control for their Google TV devices. The remote appears to be a full-function remote complete with analog rocker-sticks and a full keyboard.
Ryan says: That thing is terrible! Seriously, if Sony launches a remote that looks like that, they can kiss sales goodbye. Nobody will want to buy a TV that uses that kind of thing except for really hard-core geeks. I seriously hope that's just a hardware prototype.
Shelsy says: Wow, that thing looks like a boom box from 1987.

And that about does it. Only a few juicy rumors this week. Be sure to check back next weekend for another recap of the latest and greatest Android rumors!

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