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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Android Rumor Recap

It's time once again for the Weekend Rumor Recap. This is where we sum up all the various Android related rumors and leaks of the past week. If you're more interested in reading about all of these rumors as they happen, please check out any of the blogs listed on the side of this site, as they all do an excellent job of covering rumors.

Now, on to this week's rumors...

A fresh batch of Samsung trademarks was uncovered this week by AndroidGuys, listing upcoming devices like the Dive, the Admire, the Transfix, the Stitch, etc. It's unknown yet whether these will end up being Android devices or not, but let the speculation begin!
Ryan says: Samsung is very good at coming up with product names. The Transfix? I don't care what it is, I want one.
Shelsy says: You would seriously want a phone called the Stitch?

A leaked screenshot from Verizon's inventory, obtained by Phandroid, shows further proof that a Motorola tablet is coming. This tablet is rumored to be codenamed Stingray and might launch as early as October. It is even rumored (albeit unconvincingly) to be running Gingerbread.
Ryan says: I find it highly unlikely that any product running Gingerbread will be launched that soon, seeing as how there have been a total of zero other leaks or anything about Gingerbread yet. That being said, I'm very curious to see what kind of tablet Motorola releases, even though I won't buy one.
Shelsy says: I don't know, I don't really care about this rumor at all.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will arrive in the US as soon as September 16, and will be sold by Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. No mention of an exact release date for any carrier was given, though the previous rumor of $200-$300 is repeated here.
Ryan says: Samsung has already proven their ability to launch nearly identical products on multiple US carriers at once, so I don't find this hard to believe at all.
Shelsy says: I'm all for there being an option of carrier for any given device.

A Russian Android site, habrahabr.ru, was able to obtain (translated link)some pictures of an unannounced Acer device called the Acer Liquid Metal. It looks to be a touchscreen-only device housed in an attractive metal case. As with other Acer devices, it's unknown if this will ever be available in the US.
Ryan says: It looks like another me-too touchscreen slate device, and it will likely never make an appearance in North America, so I'm honestly not all that interested. It does look pretty, though.
Shelsy says: I agree with Ryan. But let's focus on these names here: habrahabr and Acer Liquid Metal. That's complete awesomeness.

Be sure to tune in next week for another batch of Android rumors!

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