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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Target releases custom Android app

Yesterday afternoon, Target quietly released their own app into the Android Market. It's not uncommon for companies to create their own branded apps, but the Target app is more powerful than it looks. It's available now and should work on most Android phones, even older ones.

The app isn't for mobile shopping, but rather promises to help you plan and manage your trip to physical Target locations. It offers the ability to search for items and then tells you which stores have the item in stock and even tells you what aisle it's in once you get there. It also includes standard things like store hours, directions, phone numbers, etc.

It also includes a bar code scanner feature that lets you look up the price of an item. It doesn't comparison shop for you, but if you find an item missing a price, it saves you a walk over to one of those "find the price here!" kiosks. You can download the app by clicking here from your phone, by scanning this QR code, or by searching the Market for "Target."

Woo hoo, shopping! Kind of...not really. I honestly don't think I would ever use this, but I suppose if I was looking for something specific it could be helpful. Or if I was already out and near a Target and decided I needed something, I could check first to make sure they had it. That would be useful. I feel like the app would be better if it included a mobile shopping feature as well as all this other stuff.

I definitely won't use this. But hey, something for everyone, right?

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