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Monday, September 13, 2010

Motorola Defy officially coming to T-Mobile

Motorola just surprised everyone by announcing that the Defy will be available for T-Mobile USA in time for the holidays. The Defy, which was made official earlier this month, is a dust-proof, water resistant, scratch resistant device that promises to "withstand all that life throws your way."

Previous rumors that suggested a truly waterproof device seem unfounded now, as this is only "water resistant." Motorola and T-Mobile didn't give any information about specs other than that it has a 3.7" screen and runs Moto Blur. That alone might turn away some people, given Motorola's poor history of providing timely updates to devices running Blur.

Expect more official details about this phone, such as exact specs, price, and release date to be announced soon. [source: Tmonews]

Rugged devices are always cool. Even though it's not completely waterproof (no tweeting from the bottom of a pool), it's still nice to have a phone that can withstand everyday abuse. If priced right, I think this could appeal to a lot of people, especially given its nice, large screen and rugged looks.

I'm a little disappointed it's not actually waterproof. I'm a little wary about what "water resistant" means and what that would mean for warranty claims and such, but it's still a step in the right direction. The more durable phones are, the better.

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