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Friday, September 3, 2010

Huawei Ideos phones possibly coming to T-Mobile

Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which is known for making telecommunications equipment for large scale operations, recently announced a new, budget friendly smartphone called the Ideos. According to a new rumor from the Wall Street Journal, these little phones may be coming to T-Mobile USA, possibly as soon as the holiday shopping season.

The Ideos is a small, touchscreen phone running Android 2.2. It features a 2.8" capacitive screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile hotspot, and comes in several colors. Huawei promises that it will be very affordable, maybe even being $50 or less on contract. Check out Engadget's hands-on coverage for a closer look at the Ideos.

I think this could be an awesome little phone for newcomers to the smartphone space. Someone who's in the market for a new phone and can get this for the same price as a little messaging featurephone will likely take a closer look at this. Of course, it will require a smartphone data plan, which will deter those people. Still, with phones like the Evo, Droid X, and even G2 coming in at $200, it's nice to see a cheap, not-terrible phone running Froyo.

[Gasp] Look at those colors! This is one of those cute tiny phones that I can see becoming very popular. It's a full-featured smartphone, maybe a little slower, but it looks like candy. I love it.

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