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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dell launching Android tablet in a few weeks?

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Dell is preparing to launch a 7-inch Android tablet very soon. The tablet is rumored to be called (or maybe just codenamed) Looking Glass, and has some impressive specs. It's running a Tegra 2 processor (very fast), and sports a 800x480 screen, front facing camera, and even an optional TV tuner.

With the Galaxy Tab coming to all major US carriers by the holidays, and the recently announced BlackBerry tablet coming "soon," it safe to say that the tablet wars are in full swing.

How Dell intends to sell this tablet remains to be seen. They already have the Streak, which is a 5" device, available on contract with AT&T, so they may sell the 7" tablet the same way. Or they could sell it as a WiFi only tablet available on their website. If it really is launching in just a few weeks, we'll find out soon enough.

Dell's current Android offerings are very unimpressive, in my opinion, so I don't have high expectations for a tablet. It seems more of a me-too move to combat Samsung and RIM, but competition and consumer choice are always a good thing, right? [via WSJ]

Looking Glass is a cool name.

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