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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Android weekend rumor recap

Welcome to another edition of the Android weekend rumor recap! This is where we quickly recap the rumors of the past week. If you would prefer to read the rumors as they come in, we recommend all of the Android sites listed on the right side of our site. Now, on to the rumors!

According to a leaked ROM image, a new HTC device, codenamed Lexikon, is headed to Verizon. The device is rumored to have a 3.8" screen, 5MP camera, 800MHz processor, and 4GB of internal storage.
Ryan says: If priced right, this could be a nice little device. The specs are almost identical to the Incredible, though, which makes me wonder if maybe it's the Incredible's eventual replacement?
Shelsy says: Snore.

The Droid Guy got an exclusive story detailing another HTC device coming to Verizon, codenamed Merge. Exact specs of the device are unknown (meaning it could be one in the same with the Lexikon), but Merge is reportedly running Bing as the default search provider, just like the Fascinate.
Ryan says: The whole Bing-only thing is such a huge mess. Once the devices are updated to Froyo, users can at least download the Google Search app, but still...it's stupid.
Shelsy says: Don't even get me started on this Bing ridiculousness!

In another exclusive scoop, The Droid Guy got information detailing the LG Optimus, which is reportedly coming to Verizon as the Vortex. The Optimus is a small, inexpensive device, with a 3.2" screen and 600MHz processor and already running Android 2.2, Froyo.
Ryan says: It's good to see budget-friendly Froyo devices, though it's logical to assume that Verizon will Bing-ify this one, too.
Shelsy says: Optimus and Vortex are awesome names. And it's exciting that it's running Froyo*, which seems to be rare, for some reason.
*Well, whatever Froyo ends up being after it's filled with Bing garbage.

In a related rumor, Tmonews got an exclusive that the LG Optimus (bearing that name) is headed for T-Mobile and that it includes WiFi Calling. This is something that many users have been anxious for in an Android device, and this might finally be the answer. It's worth noting that the T-Mobile version says "With Google," meaning it will come with all the expected Google apps and search.
Ryan says: If this little guy is priced right, it could be a huge seller, especially with WiFi calling. Not a lot of people need that feature, but this would be the first Android device to offer it. For people who travel internationally, this would enable them to make calls on hotel WiFi, or public hotspots, without being overcharged for international minutes.
Shelsy says: That is really cool. I find it sad that they have to specify "with Google" for an Android device, but, I'm tired of talking about it. And again, Optimus = awesome.

Finally, Droid-Life got a story about the rumored Droid 2 World Edition. This phone is reportedly identical to the Droid 2, but adds a SIM card slot for international calling (since Verison's CDMA network doesn't work in most foreign countries.
Ryan says: Not personally interesting to me...at all. But hey, for all the world travelers out there, here's a great phone for you.
Shelsy says: I like it when phones can find a way around weird restrictions, like the CDMA network. Although I'm actually kind of surprised that Verizon would allow a SIM card slot....

What kind of juicy rumors will next week bring? Be sure to check back next weekend for another round of rumor recaps!

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