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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Android Weekend Rumor Recap

Another weekend is here, which means it's time for another weekend rumor recap post! This is where we quickly recap the best rumors and leaks from the past week, instead of covering them all as they happen (since they are just rumors, after all). If you would prefer to follow the rumors as they hit the wire, I highly recommend all the Android blogs listed on the side of this site.

On to the rumors!

AndroidSpin broke the rumor that the Galaxy S series of devices (Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate, and Epic) will be receiving the 2.2, Froyo update on or around September 23. That's just a few days away, so we should find out soon enough!
Ryan says: Let's hope this is true. Everyone needs Froyo.
Shelsy says: Yep, that sounds good.

HTC is reportedly working on an Android tablet that might even run Android 3.0. According to Digitimes (subscribers only link), HTC is shopping around for tablet related hardware and is expected to launch the tablet in early 2011.
Ryan says: I'm still not all that interested in tablets myself, but honestly...if I were going to buy one, I would definitely want one from HTC. So this rumor definitely has me interested, but we need to know more, as always.
Shelsy says: Yeah, I'm curious about this too, especially if it's running 3.0!

This is less of a rumor and more speculation, but Motorola has said that they hope to be working on an Android tablet by next year. They said that they are waiting for the market to be worthwhile, so we can likely expect to hear more about this in near future.
Ryan says: With Motorola's recent shenanigans involving locked bootloaders, do-and-die hacking mentality, etc. I can honestly say that I have no interest in Motorola devices. But hey, more Android tablets is always good...right?
Shelsy says: When I hear Motorola, I don't think tablet. It seems like an odd pairing to me.

Earlier this week, Tmonews got a huge, exclusive scoop on the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch HD. The device reportedly has a 3.8" screen, 1GHz processor, and a front-facing camera. The site even got a list of upcoming accessories for the MyTouch HD, all but proving it exists...somewhere.
Ryan says: It's another large, keyboard-less slate phone, so I'm not personally interested in it. But the specs look great, and it's coming to T-Mobile, so I see this being nothing but a success.
Shelsy says: It seems like the MyTouch line is pretty popular, so it makes sense to keep coming up with new ones. This is probably good news for a lot of people.

And finally, we have a rumor that seems to be already null and void. AndroidCentral is reporting that the Motorola Flipout will arrive on AT&T, um, today. As of yet, nothing has been announced today. It's very possible that the exact date was wrong, and the phone will instead launch tomorrow, which seems much more likely.
Ryan says: Rumored launch dates come and go all the time, so this isn't all that surprising. We do know that the Flipout is coming to AT&T sooner or later, so it looks like we'll just have to keep waiting.
Shelsy says: Oh my gosh! I can't believe they said it would be out today and it's not! Yeah, I'm totally kidding, I don't really care.

That about does it for this week's top rumors. Tune in next weekend for another batch of exciting Android rumors. Until then, this is the weekend rumor recap, signing off.

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