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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend Android Rumor Recap

Can you believe we're already into another weekend? And with it comes Issue #2 of the Weekend Android Rumor Recap. This is something we do every week here as a way of quickly summarizing the Android rumors of the past week. Rumors come and go so quickly that we don't really want to cover each one in detail, but they're still important, so they deserve some attention. Keep reading for all the juicy Android rumors from this week.

According to a leaked document obtained by Tmonews.com, the G2 is set to launch on September 29. This lines up with previous rumors and gives T-Mobile time to begin the pre-sale which is hinted at on their G2 landing page.
Ryan says: I fully intend on buying this excellent device, so I wish it were launching sooner. But I suppose I can wait a few more weeks. :-)
Shelsy says: The actual date doesn't matter so much to me, but because it's at the end of September I have to endure Ryan's impatience for the entire month.

AndroidGuys.com broke news of a batch of new HTC codenames to watch for. It's unknown whether these are Android devices or Windows Phone 7 devices, but codenames are always fun for speculation.
Ryan says: There's not much to say. The codenames sound interesting, but until we know more, it's just a few names.
Shelsy says: I can't decide if I would want to own a phone with one of those names. Definitely not Speedy. "Hey, what kind of phone is that?" "It's the Speedy." [lame] And wouldn't the name Glacier kind of work against their marketing strategy? Last time I checked, glaciers are kind of notorious for being incredibly slow. Just sayin'.

Another leaked document from BoyGeniusReport seems to cement the release date for the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon as September 9. The Fascinate, if you recall, is Verizon's version of the Galaxy S series, which is nearly identical to the Captivate on AT&T and Vibrant on T-Mobile.
Ryan says: I applaud Samsung for launching nearly identical devices on all four carriers so close together. That's not an easy feat. That being said, I'm not interested in any of the Galaxy S devices, so this isn't a big deal for me.
Shelsy says: I don't know if I really like these names either... But, on an actually related note, I do think it's very cool that there are similar phones simultaneously available on each carrier. That eliminates the carrier angst of the phone you want only being available on the other network.

Pictures reported to be of the upcoming Viewsonic Tablet were discovered this week. It's possible that these are knock off pictures or simple fakes, but Viewsonic themselves confirmed that a tablet is coming soon, so these just may be the real deal.
Ryan says: More Android tablet news! I just want some of these things to actually launch so I know once and for all how much it's going to be out of my price range. 
Shelsy says: Yep, sounds good.

And lastly, in what was one of the biggest scoops of the week, BoyGeniusReport got exclusive pictures of a new, previously unseen HTC device. The device is reported to have a huge 4.3" screen, kickstand, front facing camera, and run Android. It's also apparently headed for Verizon. This is basically a Verizon version of the HTC Evo for Sprint.
Ryan says: It looks very interesting, but it's another massive, keybordless slate, and it's going to Verizon. All marks in the Con column for me. But I'm sure it's very exciting news for some of you.
Shelsy says: There is no way this will fit in my pocket. Enough said.

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