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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Android Rumor Recap

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Rumor Recaps! There are always lots of unconfirmed news stories regarding Android, which are covered quite well by other websites. Rather than cover them all here as they happen (seeing as how they're rumors, and all), we'll just recap them for you every weekend. If you're not interested in rumors and leaks, this makes it very easy for you to simply skip this post. :-)

Here are the latest Android rumors, leaks, and general unconfirmed info that you may have missed this week:

The next generation of Android (after Gingerbread), is rumored to be called Honeycomb. (Remember, Android codenames are alphabetical desserts; Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread...and now Honeycomb.
Ryan says: I like the name, and there are only so many desserts that start with H, so...
Shelsy says: Yep, honeycomb is good. And it makes me think of cereal...

The FCC documents outed another Archos Android-based media player. This is not a phone, but rather a smaller, media player without Internet access. Archos already makes some of these, this is just another one.
Ryan says: Apple has the iPod Touch which sells very well, so I'm not surprised other companies want to make media players based on Android. Makes sense.
Shelsy says: I never heard of this, but it could  be cool. I'm all for viable iPod alternatives that don't suck.

A new Motorola phone was discovered by Engadget as being similar to the Droid X, but rumored to be going to AT&T.
Ryan says: AT&T definitely needs a better Android lineup, but as long as they keep crippling their handsets, even very powerful ones aren't going to interest me.
Shelsy says: I'm a little bored with most of the Android phones being released. I don't want to see the same design over and over. Besides, if Motorola isn't committed to keeping the phones updated, what's the point of running Android?

The upcoming and previously rumored Droid Pro is now reportedly just a world-phone version of the Droid 2, except with a SIM card slot to allow for global roaming.
Ryan says: I don't plan on switching to Verizon, nor do I plan on traveling the world, so I'm kind of indifferent here.
Shelsy says: I had to read that about three times before I understood what it was talking about. But I think it's a no-brainer to design phones that are capable of working wherever you travel. Whether or not you can afford the outrageous carrier fees for international calls is another story...

A new rumor about Acer's upcoming Android tablets says that the company has put the plans on hold to wait for Android 3.0, Gingerbread before shipping.
Ryan says: I really, really want to see some nice Android tablets, so the delay is a bit of a bummer. But Gingerbread is rumored to be a big improvement, so I can't blame Acer for waiting.
Shelsy says: It does make sense for them to wait, however, it would have been great if they could have released it in time for the holidays, and then just push out updates to Gingerbread when it's available. I would have been interested in getting this for Christmas. It would have been really cool if they could  release it for Christmas with Gingerbread. And gift wrap it with some gingerbread men. Is anyone else hungry?

And finally, Engadget got an exclusive first look at the upcoming Dell Thunder. The device is a keyboardless slate style device with a large screen, probably going to AT&T or T-Mobile, or maybe even both.
Ryan says: Everyone and their brother is making keyboardless slate devices. I don't see what's to get excited about...
Shelsy says: I don't even understand why people want these, let alone why so many companies keep making them. 

And that about does it for the big stories this week. If you want to stay up to date on all of the juicy Android rumors, I recommend any of the other Android blogs listed on the right side of HisAndHersAndroid.com. Have a great weekend!

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