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Monday, August 30, 2010

Motorola Flipout rumored for AT&T

The tiny Motorola Flipout has been available in Canada for several weeks now, and has been rumored to hit the US a few times before. But now, AndroidCentral.com has scored some pictures of the rumored AT&T version. The Flipout is a unique little device, similar to the Charm, but with a keyboard that swivels underneath and out of sight, leaving the device as a compact little square. Engadget has a ton of pictures of the Flipout, and you can watch a brief hands on video here.

The Flipout runs Android 2.1, with Motorola's custom skin, Blur. It is powered by a surprisingly speedy 720MHz processor, has the same 2.8" screen as the Charm, rumored 3MP camera with flash, and a unique rotating slider design. Check out AndroidCentral's full coverage for more details.

I really want to see this device in person. It looks super small and compact, which will appeal to a lot of mainstream users. The screen is much smaller than other Android devices out there, but it's not really meant to compete with the Evo or Droid X. It's definitely a cute little thing and, assuming AT&T doesn't change or cripple it too much, I can see it being a big hit..

This phone is adorable! Seriously, super cute. I'm not sure I could deal with such a small screen, though. I think that would be a little difficult to work with. And I'm kind of hesitant about Motorola, but I definitely want to check this thing out in person!

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