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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to His And Hers Android! You are getting in on the ground floor, so to speak, by being here for our very first post. We hope you'll stick around, as there's lots more to come!

Rather than just another Android news blog, we aim to do something a little different here. Each story we discuss will be covered from two angles, His and Hers. We are a married couple that each carry an Android smartphone. He is a hard-core computer geek and Android aficionado who can rattle off specs for any device you name and knows where the /system folder is. She is a self-professed "non-geek" who is slowly becoming more knowledgeable the longer the marriage continues.

He loves reading tech blogs and is the unofficial tech-support for extended family members. She gets a glazed over look whenever the conversation turns to CPUs, OLEDs, or EXT partitions. He represents and identifies with the geeky, die-hard Android crowd. She represents and identifies with the average Android user.

Together, we will attempt to write about interesting, Android-related stories, each from our own perspective. We will offer an intelligent, humorous, widely-appealing take on various topics that are of interest to Android uber-nerds, and non-geeky Android users alike. Check out the About Us page for more.

Do you have an Android phone? This blog is for you. Did you get a G1 on launch day? This blog is for you. Does just the settings screen scare you? This blog is for you.

Are you a fan of Android or know someone who is? Spread the word! Tell them you found a great, new site that blends the geeky and the normal, with both a male and female perspective.

Tell them you found HisAndHersAndroid.com!

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